Fullbright’s Next Game Is Called Tacoma


“What mysteries await you, 200,000 miles from Earth?” reads the YouTube tagline for Tacoma, Fullbright’s newly-revealed project. The answer to that question is, of course, unknown, and will not be revealed until sometime in 2016, but it certainly has us intrigued.

The same is true of Tacoma‘s first trailer, which is nothing more than a short and sweet teaser. In it, a female technician is heard speaking to some sort of mission control person, as she enters the titular Space Station Tacoma, which has certainly seen better days.

Fullbright, which looks to have dropped Company from its name, made a splash last year when it released Gone Home. That game went on to win several awards and received a lot of praise for its atmosphere and mechanics, so there’s a lot riding on this galactic follow-up.

We’ll keep you updated on Tacoma, but it may be a while before we hear anything more. Keep checking back though and make sure to visit the game’s website in order to join its mailing list.