Fullbright’s Tacoma Will Hit Xbox One And PC First


E3 2015 has already proven to be demonstrating that the competition for console superiority is really heating up with a number of “timed exclusives” being revealed and confirmed. Another of these comes in the form of Fullbright’s Tacoma.

The follow up to Gone Home demonstrates an atmospheric, first person experience in which players will find themselves alone and apparently stranded within the Tacoma Lunar transport. Company comes in the form of the ship’s AI system named Odin, who the trailer shows to be a mysterious guide for players exploring their abandoned ship.


And it’s not just Odin that’s mysterious as far as Tacoma is concerned; the trailer itself keeps information at a premium and really reveals nothing more than the fact that players are alone and trying to establish what has happened on their ship. The whole thing then ends as protagonist Amy Ferrier moves towards an unknown door before the images blur into light.

Very little more is known about the game, and it seems Fullbright are content to keep it that way until Tacoma hits in 2016.