Future Overwatch Update To Introduce New Aiming Mode For Gamepad Users

Blizzard may have been focusing on rolling out matchmaking and balance improvements since the launch of hugely popular shooter Overwatch back in May, but now the developer has set its sights on another area that certain players have had issues with.

With the latest update to the title’s Public Test Region (where players can test changes before they’re introduced to the live game), the developer has added a new Dual-Zone Mode which aims to address criticisms that precision aiming with certain characters is difficult due to thumbstick sensitivity.

As of now, the live game utilizes a control scheme called Exponential Ramp Mode, which sees sensitivity increase exponentially when the thumbstick “moves toward the outside of its range,” with acceleration remaining “relatively high throughout.”

With the new – and hopefully improved – scheme, sensitivity will no longer continue to accelerate when the thumbstick crosses to the “outer 10% of its range,” meaning you’ll still be able to manoeuvre your character quickly while maintaining the possibility of precise aiming.

There’s a whole lot more to read about with the latest patch notes, which you can check out here, but Blizzard hasn’t provided any date on which the changes will go live. Whenever the new control scheme does arrive, Blizzard says that the current version will not be removed, instead giving players the choice of both.

Overwatch‘s Public Test Region is only available for PC players, so console users will sadly have to wait until the live update to get an idea of how the new controls feel.