There’s Now More Than 15 Million Overwatch Players; 500 Million Hours Logged In-Game

Not content with already having total dominance over gaming’s MMO market with World of Warcraft, Blizzard set its sights on the FPS genre earlier this year and, to the surprise of basically no-one after the promising player numbers recorded for several beta tests, Overwatch‘s popularity has grown exponentially since launching in the spring.

As of yesterday, Activision Blizzard made their second quarter financial results public, revealing the whopping 15 million players figure for their still young shooter. The report states: “On May 24, 2016, Blizzard launched Overwatch which now has over 15 million players globally, including box and digital sales, internet game room players, and multi-user console households.”


The good news doesn’t end there, either: Blizzard also confirmed that in China, the team-based shooter has broken the previous record set by its own Diablo III as the “fastest-selling PC game in the market’s history,” and, as the icing on an already well-accomplished cake, Overwatch is currently at the “number one position in Korean Internet Game Rooms with over 30% share of play time.” Pretty successful then.

In other related news, Blizzard’s on the cusp of introducing their first seasonal event for the Overwatch: Special promotional loot boxes to tie-in with the Rio Olympics will go on sale soon.