Three New Game Modes For Apex Legends Have Leaked


Just like Fortnite before it, Apex Legends is proving to be a data-miner’s dream, with the game yielding tons of interesting nuggets that tease what Respawn has coming down the pipeline for us. From new modes to new characters and even some vehicles, there’s a lot in the works and now, we’re learning of a little bit more.

The guys over at @RealApexLeaks have uncovered new code in the game’s files that hint at a few additional modes which will presumably arrive at some point down the road. The first is apparently a Survival mode, which may come with a new map, while the other one’s something called Recruit, which apparently brings wall-running and titans into Apex Legends. And finally, there’s Classic, which could indicate a mix of the gameplay found in Titanfall with the typical battle royal fare.

Of course, just because this is all in the code doesn’t mean it’ll end up making it into the game. We’ve seen many instances where data-miners have turned up exciting hints of what’s to come only to learn that these files were simply there from the testing stages or that the developer ultimately decided against adding in the features for whatever reason.

Still, with Respawn promising to support Apex for at least 10 years, and the first Battle Pass set to launch any day now, it’s clear that they have lots of additional content just waiting in the wings for us. And while we don’t imagine it’ll all arrive when the first Season kicks off, it’s likely that we’ll get, at the very least, that new character Octane who’s been teased numerous times now.

Tell us, though, what are you hoping to see down the line in Apex Legends? Any particular modes, weapons, vehicles, etc., that you think Respawn should add? As always, let us know your thoughts in the usual place down below.

Source: Twitter