Gears of War 3: RAAM’s Shadow Gets Date And Price; Free Maps Mentioned

Epic Games will be thanking its devoted fans on November 24, with the release of the free Gears of War 3 Booster Versus Map Pack. It will contain a total of five maps, including two from the original Gears of War (Swamp and Clocktower.) Strangely enough, the other three will be the ones included with today’s Horde Command Pack downloadable content set. They will be available for free, yes. However, the free pack won’t contain all of the horde mode perks, characters or achievement points found in the recently-released content expansion.

If you’re like me and you enjoy single player content the most, then you’ll be happy to know that the RAAM’s Shadow prequel DLC will be available on December 13 for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15 USD.) Purchasing it will add approximately three hours of campaign-style content to your experience, along with six new multiplayer characters. Plus, there will be another precious 250 achievement points up for grabs. Do we have your interest now?