German Retailers List Grand Theft Auto V For PC

grand theft auto v confirmed spring 2013 slider

Officially, Grand Theft Auto V is being developed as a current-gen exclusive for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Unofficially, two new German online retail listings are claiming that Rockstar Games is also planning to release a PC port of the next entry in their flagship IP at some point in the future.

As spotted by NeoGAF, both and the German retailer GamesOnly have updated their websites to include a listing for an unannounced PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Sadly, neither listing currently provides any new details about the game, and both fail to reveal when PC games might expect to get their hands on the potential port. The only new information that we have — aside from the fact that there might be a PC port — comes from a GTA V Special Edition listing on GamesOnly that has since been taken down. According to that unconfirmed listing, the Special Edition will come with the following items:

  • SteelBook with exclusive artwork
  • World map
  • Stunt-planes challenges
  • Online-store concessions
  • Bonus outfits
  • Bonus tattoos
  • Special abilities booster
  • Exclusive weapons

While Rockstar Games has not confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V will ever be released on the PC, the studio’s vice president (Dan Houser) has gone on record to say that “everything is up for consideration” when it comes to ports of the upcoming title.

The other obvious thing to mention here is that Grand Theft Auto titles typically always find their way to the PC at some point. It would actually be more surprising if Grand Theft Auto V ended up being the one game to break that release pattern.

We will keep an eye out for any official word from Rockstar Games or Take-Two on the status of a PC port for Grand Theft Auto V, and let you know as soon as anything is announced.