Ghostbusters Is Getting Its Own Pokémon Go Style AR Game


Ghostbusters World has been announced for iOS and Android devices this week and will be coming later this year. Much like last year’s uber popular mobile title Pokémon Go, it’ll be an Augmented Reality-focused experience where players use their smart device to capture “specters, ghosts and apparitions.”

The core gameplay will be skill-based and feature the latest in AR technology, with even more intriguing features to be announced as we get closer to release. Players will battle with ghosts from “all dimensions of the franchise,” including the movies, TV shows, comics, theme parks, and video games.” There’ll also be new and exclusive ghosts designed especially for the game.

Sure, there have been quite a few video games based on the iconic Ghostbusters licence, and though they’ve mostly missed the mark, one or two have captured the source material really well and have gone on to be remembered fondly (Terminal Reality’s 2009 installment, which was co-written by franchise godfathers Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis, springs to mind). As such, we’re definitely hopeful for this one and if nothing else, we’re definitely excited at the prospect of turning our smartphones into mini traps and busting all those pesky ol’ ghosts.

Ivan Reitman, director and producer of the original Ghostbusters film and its sequel, had this to say about the project in a recent statement:

The Ghostbusters Universe is rich in characters and Ghostbusters World is the perfect medium to get to know these characters in a whole new dimension.

Development of the game is being handled by NextAge, in collaboration with both Sony Pictures Entertainment and Ghost Corp, and though no concrete release date has been revealed as of yet, we’ll be sure to let you know as more information comes to light.