Gloomy Max Payne 3 Shootout Screens Emerge

The latest batch of Max Payne 3 screenshots has made its way onto the Internet, showing us a familiar setting from the series’ past: a dark and brooding construction site. Not to mention a look at an action-packed shootout by a forgotten pier.

In these shots, Max is up to his old slow-motion tricks, using it to dispatch enemies with the help of his trusty firearms. However, he has to contend with more than just on-foot foes, as some have resorted to using the bed of a pick-up truck for assistance.

Based on all of the game’s released media, I would have to say that these screens are the best of the bunch in terms of detail. They also do a good job of showing off the series’ themes and action-packed content.

Max Payne 3 will be available this May.