Graceful Teasers For thatgamecompany’s New Indie Title Emerge



Flow and Flower developer thatgamecompany has rolled out a trio of ethereal pictures for a new project, its first since the release of the critically-adorned Journey four years ago.

Currently codenamed “thatnextgame,” the artsy images hail from the studio’s official Twitter feed, where Studio Co-Founder Jenova Chen teased that the as-yet-untitled experience is a “game about giving.” Of the three stills, the one to offer up the best indication of the game’s art style showcases an ancient archway, with a beam of light piercing through the clouds above. Elsewhere, there’s a silhouette of four children holding hands against a pastel blue backdrop, along with a pair of candles.

Can you decipher what these pictures are referring to?

In tandem with the unveiling, thatgamecompany confirmed that it’s now actively hiring, which may indicate that the developer’s next project could be bigger than its previous hits – Flower, Flow and Journey fall into the bracket of 2-4 hours in length, depending on play style.

Whatever the case, thatgamecompany has garnered a reputation as a studio that has a deft ability to tug at the heartstrings with a beautifully minimalist game. Journey may stand as a difficult act to follow, but the pedigree driving this mysterious new creative venture has us cautiously optimistic. We’ll be keeping track of this one as it develops, but tell us, what are your knee-jerk reactions to the teasers above?

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