Grand Kingdom Gets Free DLC And Pre-Order Bonuses


NIS America dropped a bunch of information regarding their upcoming role-playing game, Grand Kingdom. The biggest announcement is that the PlayStation exclusive will come with four additional downloadable campaigns, which were sold separately in Japan. Each of these campaigns focuses on a different nation and are 9 chapters long. That means there’ll be 36 additional chapters for players to check out after they’re done with the main story.

The other major news is that the tactical RPG  is available to pre-order right now on the PlayStation Store in both North America and Europe. Those who want to purchase the PlayStation 4 version of the June 21 release early will also get to save 10% on the game’s cost. Your $40.49 will not only get you Grand Kingdom, but an exclusive PS4 theme and four Charm Scrolls that can be used in-game to customize the look and skills of your units.

Finally, NIS America also released a brand new trailer focusing on the title’s character classes. Five of the game’s roles (Valkyrie, Archer, Noble, Paladin and Dark Knight) are highlighted in the 2 minute video, which can be seen below.

It’s encouraging to see that North American fans won’t have to purchase the DLC, and will get all of what Grand Kingdom has to offer with their standard purchase. The MonoChro developed title recently saw a successful beta, and it’s looking to carry that positive momentum to its full release on June 21 for PlayStation 4 and Vita.