Grand Theft Auto 3 Has Hijacked Sony’s Xperia PLAY

Are you worried about an upcoming holiday trip, which may end up becoming more of a chore than a vacation?

If you own a Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, then Rockstar Games has the answer to your problem. One of the company’s most talked about and beloved titles, Grand Theft Auto 3: 10th Anniversary Edition, is now available on the Android device. This may come as a bit of a surprise, considering that the device was never listed as being compatible with the open-world crime drama. Though, you can trust us when we say that it will work, after being downloaded through the Android Marketplace.

Grand Theft Auto 3 is one of the most iconic video games ever released, due to its incredibly violent and mature content. Those who have yet to give it a spin, will certainly be in for a high-quality treat.

It tells the story of Claude, a criminal who was left to die by his girlfriend and former partner-in-crime, during a bank heist that went terribly wrong. After being sent to prison, the playable anti-hero left through unlawful means. Now, he’s looking for revenge in crime-ridden Liberty City.

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