Grand Theft Auto 6 Fans Think The Sequel Will Be Announced Tomorrow

Grand Theft Auto 5

If you’ve even taken so much as a peek down the rabbit hole filled with leaks and rumors pertaining to a certain Rockstar game, you’ll undoubtedly be aware that the burrow is filled to bursting point.

Whether the hearsay is convincing or not is largely irrelevant; Grand Theft Auto 6 remains as much of a mystery now as it ever has and despite recent comments from reputed games journalist Jason Schreier seemingly confirming that the sequel is in active development, there’s no telling just how long fans will be waiting until an announcement straight from the horse’s mouth makes everything official. The continued silence is almost deafening – to such an extent that some fans are willing to latch onto any and every potential date for when the big day will be.

Next in line sure to result in little more than disappointment? May 12th.

According to Game Awards host and journalist Geoff Keighley, a “surprise game reveal” is due to occur on that exact date, though he declines to share any further information besides that. Naturally, this has kicked up a storm of excitement on social media and Keighley has since stepped in to try and temper expectations. “Just to manage expectations the Tuesday game is something cool and fun,” he writes, leaving the door open for essentially any possibility.

Will Grand Theft Auto 6 be the game showcased tomorrow? Incredibly unlikely, considering Rockstar has historically handled all PR for its own games, but not impossible. Considering everything we know, then, we’d suggest heeding Keighley’s advice and keeping the hype in check. Should the announcement ultimately prove to be something that sets the internet ablaze with enthusiasm, then it’ll be a win/win.

Whatever the outcome, we’ll be sure to let you know what it is that’s been causing all the fuss tomorrow, so stay tuned.