Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Finally Released

The trailer for the long awaited Grand Theft Auto V is finally here, and may I just say that it is absolutely beautiful. Rockstar Games are known for their flashy presentation, but this preview is still something to drool over. The fifth release (not counting all of the various spin-offs) in this series is looking to head back Hollywood, or Vinewood in the game, and it seems like they have brightened up the setting a little bit.

Players will be able to wander around the sunny California city and do any number of activities. The voice narrating the trailer makes it sound like GTA V will share a lot of themes with GTA IV, especially with a plot that features a main character going to a new city while trying to make a better lives for themselves. It doesn’t matter though, because GTA IV was an absolute masterpiece.

The cinematic scope that this latest iteration is reaching for makes GTA V look like it’s going to be an early game of the year contender when it is released.

Keep an eye open for more news relating to the new adventures in Vinewood, and make sure you brush up on the older games: it looks like a few characters may make a reappearance.

Without further ado, here is the premiere trailer for GTA V in all of its glory.

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