Gravity Rush Will Come To North America This June

Gravity Rush, one of the most talked-about upcoming PlayStation Vita releases, now has a firm North American release date. This one happens to actually be different from the May release window, which had been mentioned on retailer websites, as well as on Sony‘s tentative “launch window” report. Instead, the surreal, aspect altering experience will be released here on June 12. That happens to be approximately four months after the game’s Japanese release date.

In Gravity Rush, players control a young girl with the unique ability to change the way that gravity reacts to her. This allows for some rather unique combat and movement mechanics, where the grounding force is switched to other areas of the environment. As a result, you can walk on walls, move through the air, select enemies’ weak points and other neat things like that. Somehow, it relates to a mysterious cat.

Trust me when I say that this is a Vita experience you won’t want to miss. After playing the demo, it has become a gigantic blip on my digital radar.

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