GrimGrimoire Is Now Available On PSN As A PS2 Classic

NIS America has announced the re-release of GrimGrimoire, which is now available on the PlayStation Network as a PlayStation 2 Classic title.

Released back in 2007, the real-time strategy game received quite a bit of fanfare and praise. It utilizes beautiful animated 2D character art and addictive side-view RTS gameplay.

Players take on the role of Lillet, who has just enrolled into a prestigious school of magic. On her fifth day of class, she discovers that everyone has mysteriously vanished.

Upon awakening the following day, she finds herself reliving the first day of school with her memory of upcoming days still intact. This starts a campaign to figure out what is happening at the school, in order to prevent the disappearances from occurring. That is done using the help summoned elves, imps and fairies.

Check out some screens below and let us know what you think.