Grip Games Offers Tower Defence With A Twist In McDroid


Set to arrive for Playstation 4 and Xbox One in early 2016 is the adorable, fast fun experience known as McDroid. The game has been available through Steam for a few months, but now console players can look forward to getting their hands on this fast-paced tower defence game with a twist.

Players will be tasked with aiding the four-legged bot on his quest to get back home, with developers Grip Games describing the game as follows:

Take control of the cute McDroid, shoot aliens, build up your base and defences, harvest resources and make crazy sci-fi weapons, as swarms of alien enemies come at you, wave after wave, corrupting the ground around and even using your own resources against you.

The game takes place in an appealing cartoon world that looks almost Borderlands-esque at times in this trailer. The action is far quicker than that of a more traditional tower defence game, and takes the proceedings to more exciting, interactive plains to keep the energy high.

McDroid is scheduled for its Playstation 4 and Xbox One releases in early 2016, and we’ll bring you more news on the confirmed dates once they are announced.