New GTA Online Expansion Captures The Valentine’s Day Spirit


The new expansion for GTA Online has arrived today, and it’s attempting to bring a romantic theme to its typically frenzied and chaotic proceedings. The new update – titled Be My Valentine – is available for all players with PC or current generation versions of the game; PS3 and Xbox 360 players sadly won’t get a look at this new content.

This latest GTA Online update is fairly small in size when compared to a few of its predecessors, but the content is certainly sweet enough to justify the Valentine’s Day theming. A new, modifiable vehicle and additional wardrobe items are currently at the forefront of the update, and both bring a familiarity that players of older Rockstar games may recognize.


In what looks almost like a hearkening to the smooth appeal of Rockstar’s L.A. Noire, the Albany Roosevelt vehicle makes a classic return along with some exciting new custom parts available at Los Santos Customs. The new attire also looks like it could have been pulled straight from Cole Phelps’ own wardrobe, with new suits, vests, dresses, bustiers, boxer shorts, stockings and more available to purchase in outfitters across Los Santos.

Most notable for GTA Online‘s new update, however, is the promise of a new adversary-based game mode known as Til Death Do Us Part, set for release on February 12th. Nothing else is known about this new mode just yet, but the Rockstar Newswire is due to be updated over the coming days to reveal more about it, so be sure to stay tuned.

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