Grand Theft Auto V Receiving DLC & Content Creation In November


By now, it’s likely that many of you have completed the main story of Grand Theft Auto V, and have possibly moved on to playing the robust online component of the game. If you’re starting to itch for new content, then you’re in luck, as Rockstar is sticking with their previous commitment of continuous content updates and will begin rolling out new goodies next month.

Early November will bring with it the Beach Bum pack, containing new weapons and beach-themed vehicles that will be available in both the story mode and GTA Online, along with numerous new customization options for your custom multiplayer character, such as tattoos and hairstyles and new playable online jobs to partake in.

This will be followed up at some point in the fall with the previously promised GTA Online Content Creator, allowing players to create, share, and play custom deathmatches and races. Rockstar devs will hand pick specific custom jobs and feature their favorites under a ‘Rockstar Verified’ banner.

It’s nice to see that, despite earlier technical issues, Rockstar is still committed to working on GTA Online, and I’m personally looking forward to seeing these new features as well as what the Content Creator is capable of. I also do hope that the main campaign gets some form of single-player DLC in the feature, a la GTA IV, but only time will tell in that regard.

We will keep you updated on more news regarding Grand Theft Auto V as it develops. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on this new content announcement in the comments section below.