Grand Theft Auto Online Struggling At Launch, Corrupting Single Player Saves


Big online games having issues when they first launch is something that gamers have grown used to, and the trend seems to be continuing with today’s patch for Grand Theft Auto V that enables the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto Online.

Users are reporting connection issues, system freezes, and crashes on the first mission alone in droves. But the most serious issue being reported by some is the fact that for whatever reason, playing GTA Online is corrupting single-player GTA V save files for some players, making them unplayable, mechanically broken, or skipping ahead over large portions of the story.

Publisher Rockstar Games seems to at least be aware of the situation, and has issued the following tweet:

It’s no surprise that GTA Online is having a problematic launch, given the amount of people who must be trying to play it, but it is rather shocking that Rockstar never picked up a problem as big as single-player file corruption during the many months they must have been testing the game. With luck, they’ll have things patched up soon and the game will be functional and safe to play in a few days, but right now, that specific date is anyone’s guess.

We will keep you updated on more news regarding Grand Theft Auto Online as it develops.

Source: MCV