Turns Out That GTA V Commercial Shoot Was Really For PlayStation 4’s “Greatness Awaits” Ad

playstation 4 greatness awaits

Last April a Reddit user uploaded several pictures of what he was told was a live-action Grand Theft Auto V commercial shoot that took place outside his Mexico City residence. Well, that TV spot has now aired and it turns out it was actually for Sony’s PlayStation 4 “Greatness Awaits” ad campaign.

The Sony PlayStation 4 ad, which was aired on June 10th, is clearly the result of the “GTA V” commercial shoot in Mexico City. Many of the same actors can be seen in both the pictures taken by the Reddit user (which can be seen in the gallery at the bottom of this page) and in the final commercial (embedded below). Additionally, his account of the filming matches the “Greatness Awaits” ad almost word for word.

In fact, the only noticeable difference that we can see between the images from Reddit and the actual PlayStation 4 commercial (aside from the added CGI) is that the Grand Theft Auto V banner hanging on the wall in the shoot was digitally replaced.

Apparently, Sony decided to mask their PlayStation 4 commercial shoot by making everyone think it was actually for the biggest game release of 2013. Here’s to you Sony, for successfully hiding your PS4 ad campaign in plain sight.