Guerrilla Games’ New IP Horizon: Zero Dawn Pits Man Against Machine


Guerrilla Games is ready to leave the nest, and the safety that it so often offers. That’s right, the Dutch studio, best known for its work on Sony’s Killzone franchise, has today unveiled an all-new franchise exclusive to PlayStation platforms in the form of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

As leaked screenshots and job listings indicated, Guerrilla’s new IP is indeed an open-world RPG, set across a vast primitive landscape where humans lock horns with towering, mechanized dinosaurs. The reveal trailer embedded above follows a sole female protagonist who recounts the evolution of technology; though this ascension soon collapsed in on itself, leaving humanity grasping at primordial tools, relegating our own humble race back to the caves.

Assuming our role atop the food chain was a race of menacing, dinosaur-esque monstrosities, and it’s up to the players to gather resources and other weaponry – including electrified arrows – in order to topple the beasts. It’s unclear whether Horizon: Zero Dawn will support online play or is a inclusive single-player experience, but we’ll be sure to update this post as more news breaks.

Horizon: Zero Dawn represents the beginning of a franchise for Sony, and we’re excited to see where Guerrilla Games takes the new IP. No word yet on a release date or even window, but we can safely assume the RPG to debut in 2016.