Use Guns With Personality In Borderlands 2

One of the things that Borderlands is best known for is its badass weapons. To say that there was a plethora of them would actually be an understatement, considering how many options were available for pick-up through the use of the random weapon generator.

According to the latest issue of Game Informer, Borderlands 2 will feature a revamped system. Guns will now feature their own style and personalities, with the magazine’s official site lending some more information towards the cause. Specifically, information relating to the gun peddlers. There’s an in-depth list of each one, as well as descriptions to go along with them and what they will offer.

Here are some of the star points:

  • The bandits have started becoming resourceful, putting together their own weapons. Though, it will be noticeable that these are more “ramshackle” contraptions, using glass bottles as scopes and screws for sights. Though this sounds cool, as does the fact that they will have larger magazines than the manufactured weapons, they will take longer to load.
  • Two brands making an appearance will be Dahl (carrying modern and realistic guns you’d liken to military shooters) and Hyperion, whose weapons will “feature the same look” as the yellow and white Claptraps they make.
  • Guns created by Vladof will allow for the highest fire rate in the game. Their minigun barrels can be found as attachments to weapons resembling AK47s.

To find out more about the other manufacturers (Tediore, Torgue, Maliwan and Jakobs) check out this link.

Those attending Gamescom next week will be lucky enough to see footage from the game, which 2K Games plans to stream. However, it will not be available through retail means until somewhere within the publisher’s fiscal year 2013.