Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming Launches April 4 On Steam


North American fans of the original Half-Minute Hero can finally expect to get access to its sequel, which was initially released exclusively in Japan in 2011. The only catch is that unlike the original, which saw release on the PSP, Xbox 360 and PC, Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming will be available exclusively for the PC via Steam – but it still looks to be offering some enticing features to make up for its lack of a console release.

The sequel will retain the unique gimmick of retro RPG-style exploration and fighting with a 30-second time limit, but will have some new elements added to it, including four-player online play, complete with lobbies, new Infinite Battle and Time Attack modes, and Steam Workshop integration, allowing players to create and share custom levels with the world. Steam achievements, cloud saves, controller support, and Big Picture mode will also be part of the package.

Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming will launch on Steam this Friday, April 4, for a currently unspecified price.

Source: Joystiq