Halo 4 Video: Meet And Explore The UNSC Infinity

The Halo franchise is easily my favorite video game series, but I’ll admit feeling a little trepidation when Halo 4 was announced. Do we really need a fifth major installment (despite the title, Reach was game 4) this soon?

But everything 343 Industries has revealed so far, especially during E3 week, has helped fill me with confidence; it looks like they’re intent on really shaking things up this time around, delivering a very new Halo experience to earn the game its place in the series’ universe.

Today, we have perhaps our most exciting glimpse at the game’s multiplayer component so far. In the videos, embedded below, we’re given a tour of the UNSC Infinity, the massive battle cruiser that serves as Halo 4‘s multiplayer hub. Since it fulfils that function, we get a solid look at how multiplayer has changed for the upcoming game and what players can expect from the experience. In addition to traditional battle modes, there’s now a weekly, episodic series of co-op missions that users can play.

We also have a series of wonderful images from the video and elsewhere that displays what a visual marvel Halo 4 looks to be; take a look at them in the gallery beneath the videos.

Halo 4 launches November 6th exclusively for the Xbox 360.