Halo 5 Will Be Released This Year


Those who’ve been eagerly awaiting news regarding Halo 5 and its potential release window will be happy to hear that the game is expected to launch sometime this year. Yes, armchair Spartans, you read that correctly: According to Microsoft, the next title in the ever-popular shooter franchise will be spinning in your Xbox One’s disc drive before the balls drop next January. That is, if you buy the retail version instead of going digital-only.

Although Microsoft officially announced that its new console had hit the 3 million sales mark this morning, via press release, the company did not include Halo (or Halo 5, if you want to call it that) in its list of upcoming titles. Said omission didn’t occur because of a delay, though it was purposeful. Instead, the tech giant left it out because it has not announced the name of the next game. That’s all.

The above-mentioned confirmation and reassurance, then, comes from Microsoft’s Rob Semsey, who currently acts as the Senior PR Manager for both Halo and Forza. He published two different Tweets pertaining to the game, in order to appease fans who were worried that the game had been pushed from its planned 2014 release window.


This news will surely hit the gaming world by storm, and will definitely put a smile on many faces. Here’s hoping that Microsoft will deliver on this promise, though, by releasing Halo 5 within this calendar year. Surely they will, based on these confident statements, but you never know.

Source: Xbox Achievements