New Things Headed To Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Whenever I hear the Star Wars theme played at E3, I have to mentally prepare myself for whatever is coming. It could be LEGO Star Wars or it could be Star Wars Kinect. It’s a bit of a gamble. This year when the music hit, it was all about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

SW:TOR had the largest launch of any MMO in history when 1 million users plugged in, but unfortunately it’s fallen on hard times as of late, bleeding subscribers left and right.

This new update though could certainly bring back a few players. LucasArts will be bringing a new spaced vehicle assault mission, a raised level cap with new skills, a brand new companion in the HK51 Assault Droid and even a brand new world to explore.

For those of us who haven’t had a chance to try it out really, starting in June the game will allow players to play up to level 15 absolutely free. It’s hard to argue that price, but it will be interesting to see if the new changes will be enough to keep players interested.