Sorry Apple Music fans, Spotify just acquired Heardle

heardle spotify
Credit: NBC

Spotify has acquired Heardle, the music trivia version of Wordle. Sorry to the Apple Music girlies in the chat.

The free-to-play game will be first available in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand before expanding it to other parts of the world where English isn’t the primary language spoken.

As of today, you can listen to the full song you’re trying to guess on Spotify after the game. The team at Spotify said in a statement on Tuesday they plan to integrate Heardle further into the Spotify app so you can connect with artist and challenge friends.

Spotify’s Global Head of Music Jeremy Erlich said in the statement the company was “always looking for innovative and playful ways to enhance music discovery”.

“We are always looking for innovative and playful ways to enhance music discovery and help artists reach new fans. Heardle has proven to be a really fun way to connect millions of fans with songs they know and love and with new songs… and a way to compete with their friends as to who has the best musical knowledge. Since its debut, the game has quickly built a loyal following, and it aligns with our plans to deepen interactivity across the Spotify ecosystem.”

Heardle plays out similarly to Wordle: you hear a snippet of a song and are given six tries to guess it. Your clues get longer and easier to decipher as you make more guesses.

The New York Times acquired Wordle in January this year. At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if a major video game publisher acquired the Heardle for video game soundtracks next too.