Here Are Some Useful Tips To Help Improve In Apex Legends


If, like me, you consider yourself to be an Apex Legends novice, you’ll be pleased to hear that help is available.

The good folks at Rock Paper Shotgun have compiled a list of 100 tips and tricks that will help you get a leg up on the competition, beginning with a general overview of the game itself – what it is, how it operates, and what you’ll need to survive. Because in the unforgiving world of battle royale, death is always right around the corner. Especially if someone has triggered a loophole in the melee system and is mowing people down left and right.

On a more serious note, to help get you started, we’ve plucked five tips and tricks from RPS’ collection, ranging from beginner level all the way up to expert.

2. For the time being, Apex Legends is a squads-only game; you can enter a game alone or with up to two friends in your team, but if there is space left in your squad of three then it will be populated with random players within your region.

26. All the characters in Apex Legends have different sized hitboxes (see above), which means some are much more easy to hit than others. Wraith and Lifeline have the smallest (best) hitboxes, while Gibraltar and Caustic have the largest (worst).

If you’re wanting a more comprehensive breakdown of all things Apex Legends, the Rock Paper Shotgun guide is well worth a look-in. Meanwhile, below you’ll find a number of tips tailored towards the game’s advanced players.

52. Fight around the edges of Bangalore‘s Smoke and Gibraltar‘s Dome rather than right in the middle, so that you can duck in and out whenever you need to fight/recover.

76. Crouch just after switching weapons to interrupt the animation and switch weapons SIGNIFICANTLY faster. This is an enormous benefit during fights and should be learnt if you’re struggling to finish close-quarters fights quickly.

92. The recent nerf to the Wingman means you’re now better suited ADSing rather than hip-firing with it, whereas before it was better to hip-fire due to the extreme accuracy and the fact that ADSing takes a little extra time.

Apex Legends continues to rule over the Twitch landscape, and though a lot has leaked out in regards to what’s coming down the pipeline for the game, Respawn recently warned players that not all data-mines are a source of truth.