Here’s Your Cheat Sheet For Fortnite Season 8 Week 10 Challenges


Sweeping changes are on the horizon for Fortnite. Come next week, Battle Island regulars will be bidding Season 8 farewell in order to make room for its successor which, if current goings-on is any indication, will be bigger, better and more explosive in every way imaginable. Indeed, the volcano that emerged near Loot Lake several weeks ago has begun spewing hot ash everywhere, with mysterious runes at its base beginning to light up in sequence.

A series of excavation sites, too, have popped into existence on various parts of the map, tasking players with engaging in a spot of archaeology to discover what lies beneath. Essentially, Epic Games is quite literally laying the groundwork for Season 9’s arrival next week, though we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves – there’s still plenty for players to get done before the big day arrives.

The final batch of Season 8 challenges are now live in-game, giving fans one final avenue of accumulating Battle Stars before everything goes bye-bye. As usual, the mission list is split straight down the middle between free and Battle Pass tasks, tips and tricks for which you can find via the cheat sheet below, courtesy of Fortnite Insider.

Crossing off the free challenges this week largely boils down to a session or two of resource gathering. Stone, metal and wood all need to be harvested in a single match, the quantities required being 400, 300 and 500 respectively. With those out of the way, launching yourself through three flaming hoops with a cannon and eliminations at Tilted Towers or The Block will mark all the free challenges as completed. As for those exclusive to Battle Pass owners, dealing damage to opponents with specific weapons should be a cakewalk. The only obstacle this time around is likely to be the staged challenge to complete a treasure map, the details for which can be found over here.

That about wraps up everything you need to know regarding Fortnite Season 8’s challenges, though do note that the shooter’s Avengers: Endgame event is still ongoing. The Limited-Time Mode will likely disappear when Season 9 begins, so if you’ve yet to unlock its exclusive rewards, see here for a handy breakdown of everything that’s on offer.