Here’s Your Cheat Sheet For Fortnite Season 9 Week 3 Challenges


It feels like just yesterday, does it not, that Fortnite Season 8 concluded with a primordial bang? Loot Lake’s volcano triggered the latest changes to Battle Island exactly three weeks ago today, meaning we’ve almost reached the halfway mark of Season 9 already. As is the established custom, a new batch of challenges for players to complete at their leisure unlocks each week, the latest of which arrived earlier today.

We’ve already provided a full breakdown of every assignment available to free players and Battle Pass owners alike over here, though if you’re simply looking for an abridged version, the keyword you’ll want to make a mental note of this time around is speed. For the first time in a while, Epic Games is testing players’ skill with the various vehicles currently available in-game, including the Driftboard and Quadcrasher. You’ll be required to pull off several stunts and tricks to earn the applicable Battle Stars in that department, though that’s not where the action ends.

See the cheat sheet below for a rundown of everything required for 100% completion in Week 3:

Eliminations involving Season 9’s new space age Slipstream system will be the main obstacle for many, given its relative newness, but learning how best to use the feature is worth the time and effort if only to make other challenges easier to tick off. As seen above, the distance between Haunted Hills and Salty Springs is massive, to say the least. Visiting both in a single life will be fraught with danger in the form of other players, but you can at least make the journey less daunting by hopping inside a Slipstream and letting the airwaves carry you closer.

The static routes for each are marked via a solid yellow line in the cheat sheet, and our best advice would be to join the wind tunnel from Salty Springs and then jump off as close to Pleasant Park as possible. Do that, and you’ll have cut your journey roughly in half. Good luck!

As for those having to play catch-up in Fortnite Season 9, find tips and tricks for Weeks 1 and 2 by hitting the respective links.