Hitman GO Definitive Edition Targeting PlayStation 4 And PC Release Next Week


It appears that the next few weeks will be quite eventful for Agent 47. We knew March would see the release of the latest chapter of the Hitman saga, but Square Enix has now revealed that Hitman GO Definitive Edition will hit PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC next week.

Originally released for iOS and Android in 2014, Hitman GO boils the franchise down to its bare essentials. Gone is the complicated story of Agent 47 and traditional third-person shooter gameplay. Instead, the Square Enix Montreal developed title is a turn-based strategy/puzzle hybrid that has more in common with chess than Absolution.

Hitman GO Definitive Edition will feature all of the post-release content from the mobile version of the title, including missions based around levels from Hitman 2 and Blood Money. The jump from iOS and Android to PS4 and PC has given the release a significant bump in the visual department. The traditional batch of PlayStation Trophies and Steamworks features will also be included with the Sony and PC versions of the title, respectively.

While the jury is still out in regards to the quality of the latest main entry in the series, Hitman GO is a more than serviceable appetizer. The puzzle-like gameplay of the title meshes surprisingly well with the traditional Agent 47 activities. It may lack the more creative kills found in the console iterations of the franchise, but it makes up for it by just being pleasant to play.

Hitman GO Definitive Edition is slated to launch on February 23rd for PS4, Vita and Windows PC. The digital only release will carry a cost of $7.99.

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