Hitman Trailer Introduces A Complex World Of Assassination


Ready to venture into a world beyond our own? Square Enix has debuted the latest trailer for IO Interactive’s episodic Hitman reboot.

Designed to stoke the embers of excitement ahead of the first content pack in early March, the studio’s modern reimagining is rooted in a world “where economics and luxury collide with violence and power. Welcome to a world of assassination, the setting for past, present and future Hitman games.”

It was revealed the Square would adopt an episodic release for the stealth title only last month, as opposed to debuting a fully-fledged experience at launch. Now, Hitman is poised to be release across a series of episodes throughout the course of 2016, in what is proving to be an interesting approach for a AAA release.

Those on PlayStation 4 will get early access to the game’s beta beginning February 12, with six bonus in-game contracts set to release exclusively for Sony’s hardware. PC owners, meanwhile, will be able to enter the testing the following week on February 19, and budding fans across both platforms can ensure their place in the beta by pre-ordering Hitman.

Despite a delay to production, IO Interactive still plans to roll out the prologue and inaugural mission for the Hitman reboot on March 11, when it’ll debut across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. From there, plans are in place for a steady stream of content (read: new assignments, locations and goals) to launch in the months thereafter.


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