Housemarque Debuts First Gameplay Footage For Top-Down Shooter Alienation


Renown Finnish developer Housemarque has unveiled the first slice of footage for the studio’s latest top-down shooter, Alienation, showcasing the fast-paced action that PlayStation fans can look forward to later this year.  

Much like the studio’s Dead Nation before it, Alienation is built as a hyper-kinetic twin-stick shooter, only swapping out flesh-eating zombies for marauding extra terrestrials to mow down to your heart’s content. It was announced during Sony’s press conference at Gamescom back in August, and is very much in the developer’s wheelhouse.

Supporting up to four player co-op, Housemarque’s all-new IP is set to feature three main character classes, encompassing the familiar tank-like archetype, support class and lastly, assault. Now much is known about the title beyond these early details, though the studio has promised that the final product will include an array of customization options along with abilities and perks to unlock.

Besides, given that Housemarque’s résumé boasts the likes of Resogun, the aforementioned Dead Nation and the Super Stardust series, we can readily expect the gameplay within Alienation to be polished to the nth degree.

Alienation is expected to release for PlayStation 4 later this year. Given the studio’s recent track record, though, don’t be too surprised if the futurisitc shooter is ported to PlayStation Vita, too.

Source: Housemarque