Apex Legends Leak Reveals Multiple New Characters

Apex Legends

Apex Legends data miners have struck gold in their eternal quest to uncover all of the battle royale’s best kept secrets. Prolific leaker Biast12, who’s been responsible for several substantial discoveries in the past, has this time turned their gaze towards sussing out Respawn Entertainment’s preliminary line-up of characters intended to join Apex‘s roster in future seasons and, in doing so, has dug up a wealth of information.

Contrary to how these types of unofficial previews usually go, however, it’s not just names for potential new participants in the Apex Games that have been unearthed this time around, but accompanying character models, too. For some of these, as is the case for Gunzerker and Pariah (almost certainly placeholder titles), visual assets amount to little more than featureless dummies, but others, including Fuse, Valk and Ash, appear to be the finished product. Check them out for yourself in the gallery below.

For anyone who’s been following the goings-on in Kings Canyon since Apex Legends launched back in 2019, most, if not all, of the above names will likely come as little surprise – many have been circulating online for over a year – but this is assuredly the first time fans have been able to put a face to the name. Blisk is an obvious exception in that regard, of course, given that he plays a major role in spiritual predecessor Titanfall 2, but even the gun-for-hire mercenary looks noticeably different here.

It’s worth noting, as always, that no matter how likely it seems that all of these roster additions will eventually find their way in-game, plans can change at any moment. Respawn could very well have decided to scrap any of the leaked characters during development and simply forgotten or neglected to remove the associated assets.

One newcomer we can guarantee is making the cut with utmost certainty, though, is Horizon. For everything we know so far about Season 7’s newbie, see here.