Hunt With Style In New Trailer For Monster Hunter Generations


Capcom have produced a new trailer that showcases the new hunting styles on offer in their upcoming Nintendo 3DS title, Monster Hunter Generations. The footage demonstrates a variety of unique approaches, each designed to help players conquer the devastating new threats posed by the game’s monsters.

The four styles are designed to appeal to the different approaches that people may bring to Monster Hunter Generations, and have been created based on feedback given against previous games in the series. The trailer shows off some of the exciting techniques each one brings, making it a pretty difficult task to choose a favourite.

The Aerial Style threatens death from above with lightning strikes and leveraged attacks, while Guild Style is a solid build that makes use of charged assaults. Adept Style suits a quick warrior, with precise strikes unleashed when the monster’s guard is down, and the Striker Style is the final option, seeming to draw elements from both Guild and Adept approaches for a rounded style.

Monster Hunter Generations is being touted as the most customizable Monster Hunter experience to date, and it is due for release for Nintendo 3DS systems sometime this summer.

Source: Nintendo