Hydrophobia Prophecy Listed By Australian Classifications Board

Could a sequel to the XBOX Live Arcade game Hydrophobia be on its way? That could be the case as the Australian Government’s Classifications Board has released a listing of a new Hydrophobia title, Hydrophobia Prophecy. There hasn’t been any official confirmation of this leak, but it’s feasible considering the fact that developer Dark Energy Digital originally stated that they were planning for the game to spawn two sequels (making it a trilogy.)

This is somewhat unexpected however, as the first game received a lot of complaints from consumers who were disappointed by its issues. That prompted the studio to work on and eventually release a revamped version of the downloadable title, which used water and its qualities as a primary mechanic within the game. It was classified as a ‘survival-adventure’ game.

The Classifications Board listing doesn’t mention a lot, but it does mention that it is a video game and not another type of property. It also shows Microsoft as being the ones handling publishing duties for ‘author’ Dark Energy Digital. If any confirmation is issued, we’ll let you know about it.