Hyrule Warriors Won’t Feature Online Co-Op, Only Local Co-Op



Although we’re still a couple of days away from Monday’s Hyrule Warriors-themed Nintendo Direct livestream, Koei Tecmo has let the cat out of the bag with regards to the game’s co-op options. The reveal — which is as surprising as it is disappointing — will likely leave a lot of gamers feeling sour, and may even impact the game’s sales in dramatic fashion.

For some odd reason, Hyrule Warriors will not allow players to team up with a buddy over the Internet. Instead, the game will limit its cooperative adventures to two-player “couch co-op,” wherein one person will play using the GamePad’s screen, while the other will hack and slash foes the old fashioned way, using a TV. It’s an interesting design to say the least, and one that we’ll likely see a lot more of in the future, given the fact that it avoids the need for cropped split-screen.

If this is a major disappointment for you, then try to take solace in the game’s inclusion of some sort of online play. We’re still not sure of exactly what it’ll be, or how it’ll work, though.

Honestly, Koei Tecmo’s decision to stick with local co-op in Hyrule Warriors feels like a bit of a cop-out. I mean, even though I tend to prefer to play games by myself, there are countless others who prefer to play with their friends. The truth is that I feel bad for those people, especially since some of the company’s previous titles — such as Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends, and even Dynasty Warriors 7 — have featured online co-op.

Stay tuned to We Got This Covered for more Hyrule Warriors news as it breaks, and make sure to remember to watch the game’s Nintendo Direct presentation this coming Monday.

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