#IDARB Highlights February’s Games With Gold Freebies


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Next month’s Xbox LIVE Games with Gold freebies will take us on a strange journey. It’s one that will begin on a frenetic, retro-inspired sports ‘field,’ then end on the uber violent battlefields of World War II, with only one familial stop in-between.

If you’ve been following the promotion, then you’ve likely already heard about indie darling #IDARB being February’s Xbox One freebie. However, we’ve just found out about the two games that will complement it via last-gen’s Xbox 360. They are, in order, critically acclaimed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and gritty Sniper Elite V2.

While #IDARB will be free for the entire month of February, the two Xbox 360 games will each take a turn with a crossed out price tag. Sure, the fact that each of the two titles will be free for only half a month is old news by now, but we wanted to make sure to issue a reminder just in case.

Overall, this is shaping up to be a rather strange but solid month for Games with Gold, and could very well end up being one of its best thus far. Sure, it’s not offering any triple-A blockbusters, or a major release of any sort, but #IDARB has a lot of hype surrounding it and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is one of the most revered XBLA titles out there. Sniper Elite V2 may exist as a middling effort, but not all free things are winners, and there will surely be folks who will enjoy playing through it for the first, second, or maybe even third time.

Stay tuned for our full review of #IDARB, which is scheduled to go live very soon.

Source: Xbox Wire

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