Illustrated Action Title Sprinter Coming To Steam Next Week


Sprinter, the neatly illustrated running-based game from Light Step Games, is set to debut through Steam in just under one week’s time.

Sprinter works with a top-down focus, having players guide their characters through tense mazes of hand-drawn levels as they attempt to reach each end in good time. But there’s far more to the game than meets the eye at first glance. While its short, early levels may seem effortless or even a little throwaway, there’s actually a detailed family story at the heart of what propels it. The stages of the game unfold around the various perspectives of a family life, with the narrative playing out through the illustrated visual cues.

The gameplay will feature rapid retries so that players aren’t pulled too far out of the action if they fail a section, and the minimalist soundtrack will build and swell around your movements each time you reach a particularly tense segment or event.

Sprinter will be released through Steam from February 24th, and it will be available at a 20% discount for the first week of release.

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