IncuBattle Brings Incubus Into the 8-Bit Era

To complement the release of the band’s latest album, Incubus have decided to venture into the world of eight-bit video gaming with IncuBattle. Taking a page out of Scott Pilgrim’s digital book, the game is an old-school beat ’em up that tasks players with battling record-stealing pirates on the streets.

Fans of the band and/or this type of video game should definitely check it out via the band’s site. Being just a Flash game, it’s very accessible and easy to get into for anyone, without the need for a video game console.

What I played of it was quite well-made, so I recommend giving it a chance. The band’s latest album, If Not Now When? is available in-stores now.

Those pirates don’t stand a chance with the guys from Incubus hot on their heels!