Infested Planet Wants You To Enlist On March 6


Rocket Bear Games is aiming to recruit you for their real-time squad strategy title Infested Planet when it officially releases on March 6, 2014.

Stepping into the boots of a desperate commander is no easy task, especially when you find yourself face to face with thousands of aliens. They swarm at you in an endless sea of green, and the overwhelming odds sink in as you are forced to take charge of your squad and lead them to survival through a constantly evolving alien threat that forces players to evolve their tactics in order to survive.

Infested Planet aims to keep you coming back by offering procedural maps and a random mutation system. With over 33 different alien mutations, players can expect a variety of situations that completely change the course of the battle. Luckily, a range of weapons will be at your disposal in order to ease your efforts to eradicate the threat. Rocket Bear has stated that there will be a total of 21 weapons available at launch, including grenade launchers, stealth suits and miniguns.

Additionally, a lengthy campaign will offer you the opportunity to master each weapon and learn their individual pros and cons. This will be crucial for ensuring that you can claim the top spot during the Weekly Challenges.

Eager to get your hands on this intriguing tactical alien strategy game? Head over to the game’s Steam page, where you can pick up your Early Access copy of Infested Planet for $14.99 on Windows PC and Mac.