Injustice 2: Sub-Zero Reveal Trailer Sees The Lin Kuei Leader Trade Blows With Batman & Wonder Woman


NetherRealm Studios’ post-launch plans for Injustice 2 were officially put into motion earlier this week with the release of Red Hood, but Batman’s former protege is just the beginning, as it’s the turn of a rather frosty customer next.

Sub-Zero, who we all know as one of two poster boys (the other, of course, being Scorpion) of NetherRealm’s own Mortal Kombat series, is scheduled to arrive for Injustice 2 next month, and now we have our first look at the ice-cold combatant in action. Move over, Captain Cold, your patented Cold Gun is going to look like a children’s toy in comparison to Sub-Zero’s icy and impressive moveset.

While he may have been given a physical makeover in the transition, Sub-Zero’s fearsome combat abilities look every bit a continuation and evolution of his Mortal Kombat X days, boasting all sorts of frosty tricks to gain the upper hand in battle. In fact, the Lin Kuei leader appears to be more than comfortable going up against DC’s heavy hitters, unleashing a barrage of ice-infused attacks on a hapless Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. Enough words, though, check out the tantalizing teaser trailer for yourselves above.

Injustice 2 is out now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and in case you missed the memo, it attracted a great deal of critical applause upon launch last month, not least for its wide breadth of characters – which is only set to continue growing. Starfire, as well as several other combatants, are scheduled to arrive in the future to bolster the brawler’s ranks, some of which may have been let out of the bag early if a recent leak is anything to go by.

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