Injustice 3 Teased, Might Include Watchmen

Injustice 2

Gamers have a bevy of fighting titles to choose from these days, and the options only continue to grow. Just in the past few years, the fighting game community has been granted such huge hitters as Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11, Soul Calibur VI and Tekken 7, proving that the genre and its most beloved franchises are as strong as ever. Of course, there are newer entries into the arena, too, but that doesn’t make them any less sought after – and that goes double when they’re based on established properties that almost everyone enjoys.

That was the case with 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Men, which tells a story set in a parallel universe set within the multiverse of DC Comics wherein Superman becomes evil after Joker tricks him into detonating a nuclear bomb that kills millions, including the love of his life, Lois Lane. This prompts Batman to form an alliance with characters from across DC canon to put an end to the Man of Steel’s tyrannical rule.

Injustice was the highest-selling game of its month of release and easily earned itself the extremely popular sequel Injustice 2. The titles have been featured in competitive tournaments like EVO and remain some of the most unique offerings available in the genre, giving us compelling campaigns and plenty of online competition in both casual and ranked modes to tackle with a massive collection of DC heroes.

This success has all but guaranteed further sequels, and if a tweet from popular artist Nikokai “BossLogic” Baslajik is any indication, an announcement may even be imminent. The freelancer, who has collaborated with major publishers like Ubisoft and Capcom in the past, took to Twitter recently with an original Injustice 3 poster.

It may seem random at first glance, but with DC FanDome happening later this month, it seems that BossLogic may be teasing a major announcement there – speculation which is backed up by the confirmed presence of Ed Boon, creative director at Injustice developer NetherRealm Studios.

Injustice 2

Perhaps most exciting, however, is the hints at the inclusion of DC’s Watchmen characters, such as the giant clock that serves as the photo’s background that’s most likely referencing the Doomsday Clock from the comics. Meanwhile, a hidden smiley face pin can be seen hanging out on the left of the image, a well-known accessory of one of the property’s most notable characters, The Comedian.

Considering there’s a copyright notice at the bottom of the poster, it’s easy to presume that BossLogic has been commissioned to produce official artwork for the upcoming sequel. Unfortunately, though, there’s not much else to go on for the time being, but here’s to hoping that we do, indeed, hear more about Injustice 3 at DC FanDome on August 22nd.