Insomniac Games Talks About More Fuse Content

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In an odd bit of news, the team over at Insomniac Games is already talking about new content for Fuse. CEO Ted Price has posted a blog entry on the studio’s site talking about the creation and development of the co-op shooter and talked about what they plan to do with the newly created intellectual property. While at this point nothing seems to be set in stone, it appears as if the team is already looking at beginning to work on a sequel or spin off using the mechanics of their latest franchise.

Ted’s post reads:

“For you, our fans…for those of you who dig what we do with crazy worlds, characters and weapons…for those of you who check out Fuse and enjoy a co-op romp through a very “Insomniac” game, this is what I have to say: we’re just getting started.

We’ve already begun expanding what we’ve begun with Fuse. Right now as I write this we’re taking the core concepts behind Fuse and prototyping new stuff…stuff that leverages this bizarre alien substance which is at the heart of the game. No, I’m not talking about DLC. I’m talking about new Fuse experiences altogether.”

Released yesterday, the game has been getting some mediocre reviews due to its apparent generic appearance and bland story. Oddly enough, when the game was first announced as Overstrike back in 2011 it turned heads at E3 with its slightly cartoony asthenic and witty humor that was reminiscent of the Ratchet and Clank series. However, when the game was rebranded as Fuse in 2012 much of what made the game appealing was gone. Price discusses the apparent changes citing that the developers didn’t feel the unique weaponry wielded by each team member felt satisfying and that by moving the game out of the “T-rated shackles” they were able to create a better co-op experience.

Have you had the chance to pick up Fuse yet? If so, let us know what you think of it in the comments below.