Interesting Soul Calibur 5 Behind The Scenes Developer Diary

Giving us an all access pass behind closed doors, Namco Bandai have released a behind the scenes developer diary for Soul Calibur 5. Fans of the weapon-heavy fighting series will be overjoyed to see what development on the project is like, especially since there are some good interviews interwoven within.

Dubbed Project Soul, the development team is headed by producer Hisaharu Tago. In this four-minute long video, he takes us through the team’s office, introducing some of the ladies and gentlemen who are working on the project. They discuss how the game’s development began, express their interest in making it the best game they possibly can and talk about their overall goals for the project. Viewers also get to see some brief gameplay snippets from the anticipated fighter.

Yesterday, Namco Bandai released silhouettes of two new characters who will be making an appearance in the game. Though it is not known yet as to which fighters possess those darkened shadows, we do know that one is female and the other is male. Could it be Talim, Taki or Raphael? Perhaps, but it has been mentioned that half of the roster in Soul Calibur 5 will be newcomers to the series.

Give us your best guesses in the comment section below.

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