The Internet Is Roasting Microsoft For July’s Games With Gold Offerings


If you’re an Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus subscriber, you know the benefits of these two services can be absolutely incredible. Not only do you gain access to their respective system’s online multiplayer and chat functionalities, but you also get a collection of free games every month. Those additional free titles make the $60 price point of each of the subscriptions more than worth it over a 12 month period, and it’s not uncommon to see deals that bring the cost down to as low as $30 a year.

That said, not every month is a winner on either platform. Sony usually offers at least one solid game out of its monthly two, but they made a major misstep back in May when they announced that two very niche titles, Farming Simulator 19 and Cities: Skylines, would be their PlayStation Plus offerings. Of course, they later made up for it immensely in June by giving away Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II, leaving subscribers quite happy and busy with multiplayer action.

Of course, many would argue that Microsoft’s Games with Gold has a more consistently poor selection. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ever some winners, and the service does have a total of four titles for gamers to choose from each month – two for Xbox One and two for Xbox 360 (with backwards compatibility). But it’s very common for some months to be full of low-tier filler that very few subscribers care about, and its larger titles are more often than not older Xbox 360 efforts that most people played years ago.

July’s Games with Gold, specifically, has seen subscribers pretty bummed out. WRC 8, Dunk Lords, Saints Row 2 and JuJu will be available for download throughout the month, but it seems not many people really care to even bother. Most of them probably only recognize Saints Row 2 from the list, and that’s to be expected considering the obscurity of the remaining titles.

Now, some of the most vocal subscribers are taking to Twitter to roast Microsoft’s July selection and you can see a few of the reactions down below.


Tell us, though, what do you think of July’s Games with Gold titles? Will you be downloading any of them? Let us know in the comments below.