Exclusive Interview With TopWare Interactive On Two Worlds II

Two Worlds II is the new RPG from TopWare Interactive. Serving as a sequel to 2007’s Two Worlds, the game gives players the chance to continue their adventures in Antaloor five years after the events in the first game took place. Two Worlds II runs on the GRACE engine which promises gamers superb graphics and physics. The team has taken a lot of time to correct the mistakes from Two Worlds and almost every aspect of the original game has been improved and built upon. Two Worlds II promises gamers everywhere rich gameplay and an engaging atmosphere that will come together to form a fascinating RPG experience.

In honour of the game’s release (today), we decided to sit down with Bert Jennings, who works Public Relations for TopWare, and talk about the game with him. Check out the interview below.

We Got This Covered: Firstly, how would you describe/summarize the game to someone who has never heard about it?

Bert Jennings: Two Worlds II is an RPG set in an open fantasy style world, with sandbox style gameplay that lets you travel and explore to your heart’s content. The world of Antaloor is massive, rich and beautiful; you won’t want to stop exploring. The game shines with amazingly fun gameplay and customization mechanics. There is so much to do in this massive open world; every kind of monster from giant ants to mummies that need slaying, hundreds of dungeons to explore, factions to join and enough side quests and missions to keep you playing for over 100 hours.

WGTC: Which new feature do you think players will enjoy most and why?

BJ: I really think players will be blown away with Two Worlds II’s magic system. Many RGPs use some form of spellcasting, but they have a preset group of spells that you can buy or learn. In Two Worlds II, the magic card system allows players to create an overwhelming amount of spell variations.

WGTC: What were some of the major criticisms from Two Worlds and how did you improve on them?

BJ: One of the issues players had with the first game was the dialogue. Though there are many hardcore fantasy fans who love Old English, many found the dialogue and voice acting less than appealing. However in Two Worlds II we have a group of very talented actors and an amazing script that sounds natural and fluid. Another issue critics had with Two Worlds was the interface. In TWII one of our main focal points was the interface and figuring out how we could streamline it. The new system is extremely intuitive which helps keep your inventory and stats readily available and easy to use.

WGTC: What was the most requested change/improvement/addition by the fans?

BJ: Horseback riding in Two Worlds was far from perfect, and many fans frustration led them to avoid it completely. We listened to what fans said about the way the horse should control, and we’ve implemented a much more enjoyable riding experience.

WGTC: What new regions/new terrain types can players expect to see?

BJ: The new world features 6 regions, all of which are beautifully crafted. The player will explore and adventure in; a vast and dangerous desert, stunning seashores, a scenic savanna, lush extravagant forests, an amazing bamboo district and an enchanted swamp!

WGTC: A lot of games these days seem to have their superior form in the PC version, what have you done to ensure that console versions look and play as well as their PC counterparts and is the console version a port of the PC game like the first one or was it built from the ground up?

BJ: Two Worlds II was built from the ground up for each individual console as well as the PC. There was no porting whatsoever when working on the consoles, and this allowed for a extremely high level of detail in everything we developed. With the brand new GRACE engine the game is graphically as stunning on the console as the PC version. Additionally, the interface and control layout was designed specifically with the console controllers in mind.

WGTC: Are there any new factions? And can we expect to see the decisions made in faction related quests to have an impact on how the story/game play out?

BJ: Throughout the game players will find five factions that they can raise their reputation with. The warriors, mages and merchants guilds are all easily accessible and easy to find. However the dark and mysterious necromancer’s guild and the thieves’ guild are much harder to find and become an active member of. Each of the five factions has their very own story line and becoming a part of a guild has great benefits. Work hard enough and raise your reputation enough and you might just become the new leader of your guilds of choice!

WGTC: It’s no secret that Two Worlds wasn’t well received by critics. You have a lot to prove with Two Worlds II. Tell us about the challenge of marketing Two Worlds II to gamers who were put off by Two Worlds and how you’ve overcome it.

BJ: We knew going in that the marketing for the new game was going to be tough. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that has been part of this process. Releasing trailers and screenshots of the new game was the first step, showing that the game was making leaps and bounds when it came to the graphics. We are currently filming developer diaries, to display and explain the new features in the game and explain how we have made extreme improvements since the release of the first title. Additionally, though Two Worlds met mixed critical reception, we developed a large fan base that fell in love with the game. Our fans are critical in spreading the word about Two Worlds II.

WGTC: What sets Two Worlds II apart from other RPGs?

BJ: Two Worlds II has taken several steps ahead in the world of RPG gaming. As I mentioned, the Magic System is extremely versatile and gives gamers an unprecedented amount of control and customization. Additionally one of the biggest innovations in the game is the CRAFT system. CRAFT allows players to upgrade weapons and armor in a fun and practical way. Players can break down anything items down to their base components to use as raw material for upgrading the equipment of their choice. It’s fluid mechanism is control is unlike anything today.

WGTC: If someone hasn’t played Two Worlds, will they be lost in terms of the story? If not, what have you done to make sure first time gamers aren’t lost?

BJ: Playing Two Worlds is certainly not a pre-requisite for enjoying and understand Two Worlds II to its full extent. In the very beginning cut scene players are introduced to the story thus far and to our hero and his sister. By the time you complete the tutorials, the player is brought up to speed on what their primary goal is. TWII has a completely new and unique storyline that can be enjoyed both by players that enjoyed the first game and those who have not yet experienced the revolutionary RPG.

WGTC: A lot of fans are excited about the multiplayer, can you tell us what to expect from it and give us a brief outline of what it includes.

BJ: Two Worlds II offers players a large variety of multiplayer modes. Of course there will be the traditional team based Death Match and Duels. Additionally, players will be able to enjoy Crystal Hunt Mode. In this gametype, players race around a map collecting crystals, and whichever team reaches the score limit first wins. In addition to these PvP modes, Two Worlds II offers several co-op centric game types. First, Adventure Mode allows friends to co-operatively quest and exploring together in seven all new multiplayer maps with their own quest lines and adventures. New maps will be released in future DLC. Lastly, Village Mode allows players to create and manage a village of your own. By combing RPG elements with a flair of RTS, players’ can build and upgrade buildings and determine the growth of their village.

WGTC: We’ve heard that the map will come in at around 60 km2, what features have you implemented to make traveling fast and easy for players?

BJ: Traveling across the massive world of Antaloor is easy as we have implemented several means of travel. The first and most prominent means of travel are the teleportals spread throughout the world. They are plentiful and aside from being prominent in and around major cities they are also spread around the wilderness. After reaching a certain level a player will find their own portals to place wherever they wish. These portals can be accessed from the map and used at any time. All that is required is direct line of sight with the sky. Also players will be given the opportunity to sail from island to island, and they can obtain a horse of their own to ride.

WGTC: Tell us about the Grace engine and how it’s going to improve the game’s look and performance?

BJ: The GRACE engine is a proprietary system developed by Reality Pump. The engine was built from scratch and takes into consideration the console’s requirements all while taking advantage of their nex-gen power and capabilities. At all times, the engine works to produce motion blur, distortion, weather effect, lighting and shadow effects to help fully immerse the player into the world.

WGTC: How will co-op work? Do we still need to make a new character from scratch or can we continue to level up our single player character?

BJ: Adventure mode has its own unique and separate quest line. Players will be forced to create a new character for Co-op for several reasons. First, Adventure Mode is set in the 5 year gap between Two Worlds and Two Worlds II. As players will learn, it would be impossible to have the Protagonist running around during this time. Additionally, we wanted to make sure players had options when playing co-op. This Single Player Campaign focuses on the male, human Protagonist. However, in multiplayer, gamers can choose from different genders and races of characters.

WGTC: Do enemies’ levels still scale with the player’s?

BJ: Enemies are leveled based on where they are in the world. Properly and proportionately placed for the leveling character as he travels through Antaloor. In the very beginning of the game, Groms will vary in strength and a giant ant may give you trouble, but as the player levels up, this opponents will pose less of a threat. However, once you move on to the next chapter of the game you will find yourself evenly matched once again.

WGTC: How has combat been improved?

BJ: We realize that combat is THE pivotal part in any RPG experience, and we took a great deal of time and effort while creating the new combat system. Players can choose any of seven different fighting styles! Each style is unique and powerful and gives the players tactical choices. Fighting styles are determined the weapon class itself. So when a players wields a single sword, with or without a shield, dual blades, axes, or pole arms, he will be fighting with different styles.

WGTC: A major complaint about the first game was its horse riding mechanics. Has horseback riding been improved? Will there be any new types of mounts?

BJ: Horseback riding has been completely revamped in the new game and is readily available at the start of the game. After the game’s introduction, players have access to their own steed. Riding your horse has been made simple and satisfying. There are several horses you can find in your travels, belonging to enemies or purchased from special vendors.

WGTC: Tell us a bit about the character creation system.

BJ: As I mentioned, Two Worlds II continues the story from the first game. Gamers still play as the main Protagonist. That being said, the character has been completely overhauled on his general appearance. Casual players can choose the standard character from beginning. However, anyone who wants to customize their character can change everything from the shoulder width to nose length.

WGTC: How long can we expect the game to be?

BJ: If a player picks up their controller and runs head long into the main quest line, ignoring side quests, an average player will get 25 hours of gameplay. Obviously, there will be some leveling up that the player will have to do during this time. That being said, players who want to explore the world and complete all of the side quests will be rewarded with over 100 hours of gameplay.

WGTC: Is alchemy going to be returning? If so, can you tell us a little about how that’s going to work?

BJ: The Alchemy system is back and in full force. Ingredients can be found all over the world! Everything from plants and trees, giant ant carcasses, and zombie brains can be harvested. Players will learn how to use these items to create powerful potions will a wide array of effects. Each ingredient creates a particular effect, and when these ingredients are combined with other ingredients, they can create powerful magic potions. Potions range from the typical healing and manna restoration to water walking and invisibility. Alchemy can become a rewarding corner stone for those who so choose to use it.

WGTC: That all sounds great and we’re really looking forward to playing the game. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us and good luck with Two Worlds II.

BJ: Thanks! We hope you enjoy it!

Remember to pick up Two Worlds II, now available in stores! And check out our review here!