Is Infinity Ward Working On A Ghost Centered Modern Warfare Prequel?

From time to time, I’ll give you the latest news on video game rumors. Now as alot of this will not be fact rather speculation and word from around the net, I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

There have been rumors floating around the internet for quite sometime regarding another title in the Modern Warfare universe. Although nothing is confirmed yet, we feel like we’re slowly zeroing in on something that could possibly be true. We believe a prequel to the original Modern Warfare, starring the outrageously popular character Ghost, is in development.

If this is true, we would assume the game covers the events leading up to Modern Warfare, through the eyes of ghost. We’ll see a more in-depth look into Ghost’s life as well as how he got his start with Task Force 141. I would also imagine the title would be the perfect platform for Infinity Ward to one up Black Op’s Multiplayer, with even better kill streaks and newer perks and weapons.

As I said before this is all unconfirmed, but if there is any truth in it, I’m looking forward to it.


It was truly a shame when Ghost died in such an uncool fashion. Ghost seemed almost unstoppable in previous levels, and his death almost made me chuck my controller at the screen. I honestly expected Roach and Ghost to survive in some miraculous way, but they didn’t and I definitely shouted a resounding “WHAT THE ****”! It seemed unfair that Soap, the older and less popular character survived, but I guess we can’t always have it our way.