It Hasn’t All Been Smooth Sailing For Nintendo’s YouTube Creators Program


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Despite the fact that Nintendo‘s YouTube-friendly Creators Program has only been online for a mere week, the Big N’s new-fangled approach to sharing ad revenue has already encountered some problems.

Granted, the service is still in its beta stage, and Nintendo explicitly states on its support page that reviewing content would take between “two to three days.” However, this has proven to not be the case with YouTube content creators flooding the company’s servers and causing a severe backlog.

“Due to your enthusiasm for the program, we’re receiving a higher volume of applications to register channels & videos than expected,” reads a new update on the program’s website. It is taking longer than we anticipated to confirm the applications. We appreciate your patience as we work through them as quickly as possible.”

Nintendo also took the opportunity to remind budding applicants of the inherent rules within the Creators Program. First off, should you want to submit your channel for verification, the coverage of games within must align with the list of supported software on the company’s website. Failing that, content creators will be forced to submit their work on a video-by-video basis if they want to secure their place.

“Videos: we are only able to register videos that contain game titles specified on the list of supported games. Channels: we are only able to register channels that contain game titles specified on the list of supported games.”

Tell us, have you encountered any of the aforementioned teething problems when dealing with Nintendo‘s new-fangled service? Share your experience in the comments section below.

Source: Nintendo

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